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Over 90 Years

of Family

In 2000, we developed an innovative process that takes advantage of our heritage as a dried fruit grower. This ground-breaking process allows us to manufacture all natural dried fruit butters and purees in retail and industrial applications.

We began as a family ranch in 1927 growing raisins right here in Fresno, California. The Cubre family has grown grapes, peaches, plums, and prunes for 5 generations in the Central Valley, and we still farm  with care and attention to detail to this day. The family ranch is still on the original land that from over 100 years ago. The first Cubre farm had a large red barn, which has become the staple of our family heritage.

About History

Our Story


At Red Barn Spreads, our mission is to cultivate products and services to deliver to our customers and consumers through dedication and commitment to high quality, nutritious and healthy food choices. Our ambition is to produce the best American made products, as well as ensure safety, excellence, and partnerships to support our consumers, purveyors, and community.

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