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  • What is the difference between a puree and a butter?
    Puree has a smooth mouth feel, yet retains texture. It is made out of only fruit. Our Butters are made out of only fruit as well; we call them Butters because of the smooth consistency and mouthfeel. Butters have the same flavor and nutritional values as puree; it is simply smooth.
  • How long does it last?
    We guarantee a one year shelf life when stored ambient. Once opened, we recommend refrigeration to further extend the shelf life.
  • How do Red Barn Spreads compare to jams and jellies?
    Jams and jellies have lots of added sugar to give it a sweet taste and keep it fresh longer. Red Barn Spreads have NO added sugars, and are naturally sweet! Take the Red Barn Challenge and compare our label to competitor labels! You can see the difference!
  • Do Red Barn Spreads have nutritional value?
    Yes! Our spreads have essential vitamins and minerals, are high in fiber, and count towards daily fruit intake.
  • How do I use Red Barn Spreads?
    There are countless applications! From adding it to toast and oatmeal, to baked goods, homemade sauces, and meat marinades. It can be used as a fat or sugar replacer, or a simple topping. The creativity is endless!
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